Adoption Questions

You will first need to complete the application form on our website. Second you will need to place “reservation fee” with Venmo, PayPal or check. Once we have received the application and the “reservation fee” we will e-mail you confirmation, and mail a puppy packet to you. You will then be placed on our list to solidify your position. Always feel free to call for clarification as well. Getting a puppy is a lifetime commitment and we never encourage impulse purchases. These steps help us to not only get to know you but to help you research and mentally prepare for your new family member.


The cost of your puppy depends entirely on the size, color, markings and type of Bernedoodle that you want. We don’t have a specific pricing structure, instead we offer a tailored service for each client designed to find the perfect puppy for you based on color, coat, temperament, gender etc.

There is a delivery fee of between $250-$575 depending on your location for hand delivery of your puppy to an airport of your choosing. This delivery fee covers the time and expenses of the person delivering the puppy to you (gas, tolls, parking, sitter etc.) This price does not include the airfare of the person delivering or the airline pet ticket. These expenses must also be covered by you.

Yes! If you prefer to we are more than happy to hand deliver your puppy to you locally (within 50 miles). We can also meet you at one of the Syracuse area airports if you decide to fly in to pick up your puppy. We will provide you with all of the guidance you need to ensure that you have a safe and worry-free journey home with your puppy.

We absolutely will! In fact most parents have us help with the process due to the personality and temperament of the puppy. We do two separate things that help give us an overall collection of what type of tolerance your puppy will have. First, we do something called a Volhard puppy aptitude test. Then a bioSensory test this gives us an opportunity to see how tolerable the puppy is to new situations. We recommend googling these two tests to see what exactly it entails. It’s a wonderful way to get an update idea on what type of personality this little “furry baby” will have.

o reservation fees are non refundable, but can be transferred to any litter here. Our main goal is to strive for perfection in matching you and your puppy. Sometimes this takes patience. There are no refunds, no exceptions.

Puppies must be between 4-8 weeks old to pick depending on their size. We will go in order of deposits received. Coloration can vary when the puppy is born vs when its an adult. I can’t, nor will I, guarantee coloration over time. It all just depends on the puppy. Once your puppy is “picked” you must pay your balance in full. Please start your process of selection early with reviewing the weekly pictures I post. I will call you to confirm your decision and go over details of location of pick up/drop off.

You will receive one professional studio photo of your puppy upon adoption. We will do the best to send as many photos to you as possible, however, sometimes life does get in the way.

Puppies can leave us between 8-12 weeks in most cases depending on litter size and our vets recommendations with the average departing age of 10 weeks. If our vets feel that puppies should stay longer you will be notified.

We understand that life has its surprises it throws our way. We can keep your puppy for you for the discounted boarding fee of $35.00 a day. You are not charged for the first 7 days after the final vet appointment/go home day. If your puppy requires additional vaccinations, you will be charged for those. This will be reviewed with you over the phone.

The balance is due on your puppy at the time of adoption. If it is not paid for in full by this time you will need to contact me as soon as possible. If I don’t hear from you within a week, I will assume you have decided to pass on this litter/puppy and it will be offered to the next family in line.

Yes, if for any reason, at any point of the dogs life you can no longer care for him or her we ask that you bring him or her back to us and not to a shelter. Please let us know first, we are here to help you and your sweet “furry baby”

ere at Highfalutin Furry Babies our main goal is to give you the ideal puppy of your dreams. Although we can’t predict colors of puppies, how many born at once, or how many males/females each litter has, we ask you be patient. It will be well worth the wait! If you decide to pass on a litter, you will be bumped to another litter to choose from.

Again, we strive for a perfect match. If you have confirmed with me, paid for and chosen your puppy, that “furry baby”is yours. We start the “picking” process early and there are many people involved and a wide variety of transportation that is already set in place. We will be more than happy to allow you to skip a litter, or ask another family that you are ahead of, to switch genders, but we cannot make any exceptions once your “furry baby” is picked out and paid for. We move down the deposit list after we receive your confirmation and it wouldn’t be fair to other families involved, to completely change something that has already been solidified.

As much as we would LOVE for you to see all of the “furry babies” here at “Highfalutin Furry Babies”, we cannot allow outside visitors. There has been too many lives lost to parvo and we wouldn’t want your puppy, or anyone else’s, to fall victim. With all due respect, we hope you understand. If you would like to meet at a dog park or another area, we can arrange for that.

We include a collar and a small harness in your puppy pack, so not to worry.t

Please look under “puppy pack” on our website to see the complete list of what goes home with your sweet baby.

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